How does Addwalk look like?

On Images

Perfect for Newsarticles or Image-Galeries
Addwalk is perfect for Images which are included in a text block. It closes the gap between image content and text.

On Videos

For local embedding or usage of big video platforms

You can easly use the ADDWALK-Widget on your Videos. Everytime we find a product, we will search for the perfect match and display our nice Widget. Users can navigate to every part of the video, or stop the play while the add is still being displayed and can be used.


Standard Banner-Formats

Make default advertisments with Addwalk


Simple Use

The integration, use, and optimization of Addwalk do not require any IT experts. The widget is embedded as a JS snippet on the website, which is also possible by means of marketing tools. To this end, it is fully compatible with, e.g., Google’s “DoubleClick” and “Tag Manager”. 

Guaranteed Hits

For your visual content, Addwalk always finds the perfect match: both exactly corresponding products but also very similar ones. In this way, the widget delivers a hit for every image of video and provides website visitors with a seamless brand experience. 

Individual Adjustment

We offer you different types and layouts of widgets, precisely to your needs. Via the admin panel, you can also adjust the color, size, and position of Addwalk yourself. Additionally, you are able to limit the product matches, e.g., in view of the price range. 

Fault-free Operation

The widget resists even strong traffic on your website: Thanks to the automatically scalable structure, performance losses during peak hours are nearly impossible. And for the unlikely case that our database should be difficult to reac, we have created Addwalk in such a way that this does not influence your site’s performance. 

Live Statistics

Once per month, we invoice all clicks via your widget. The accounting and compensation are automatically processed via your Addwalk account. The admin panel also offers live statistics, enabling you to always keep an eye on the performance of your widget. 

Top Service

We aim at getting the best out of our service. This is why we will be happy to help you in integrating and optimizing Addwalk on your website. Additionally, we continually optimize our database to improve the fashion matches for your content.

Our Technology Stack

Artificial Intelligence

Addwalk works fully automatically. It independently recognizes fashion items in the pictures and videos


The technical infrastructure behind Addwalk is automatically scalable and cached via CDN. It meets thus even strong traffic.


The widget doesn't use any dependency to a framework. It is pure vanilla JS to make it compatible to almost every webpage or app.