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Storytelling for Your Shop – Emotionalize Your Products

Addwalk presents your shop’s products in a real-life context, thereby emotionalizing your offer and attracting the interest of your target group.

How does it work? Addwalk is a widget placed on websites with visual fashion content. In images and videos, the tool automatically recognizes fashion items and links them with matching products in our database, which are then suggested to website visitors for purchase.

How do you benefit? Our tool enables you to connect your products with a “shop the look” feature. Your fashion items are linked with the images or videos on the websites of publishers and influencers – and thereby presented as in real life. This kind of storytelling speaks to viewers on an emotional level and incites them to visit your shop.

What do we offer? A modern and easy extension of the usual repertoire of advertising – buzzword “Content Commerce”. Addwalk triggers emotions in users and yet is unobtrusive, for this reason enjoying a particularly high rate of interaction. Take advantage of our visual advertising network!

Your Benefits

Why choose ADDWALK?

Emotional Appeal

Addwalk does not only link your shop’s products to images and videos: It thereby also integrates them in a real-world context – into a story. This sort of deft storytelling emotionalizes your products and triggers the desire to buy among viewers, enticing them to click on the widget and visit your shop.

Custom Content

Our large network of publishers and influencers allows you to link your products with just the context you desire: namely, the right fashion for your specific target group. For this, you simply select those websites from our database which best fit your shop and create your customized advertising package.

Wide Reach

Our Addwalk widget is placed on the websites of many well-known publishers as well as on blogs and social media feeds of influencers. These multiplicators enable you to break new ground in terms of online advertising, thereby increasing the attention of your target group and also attracting new customers.

High Conversion

Addwalk’s rate of interaction is more than 5 percent and thus above that of other advertising formats. Why? The widget appears as a small “plus” icon above visual content and thus does not trouble observers – while at the same time inspiring them and triggering their buying interests. An unobtrusive invitation to shop!

Influencer Marketing

Addwalk enables you to link your products with social media. Your benefit: So called “influencers” do not only inspire their target groups in terms of fashion but also decisively influence their buying interests, as their subjectivity wins them a strong confidence among followers.

Simple Use

Addwalk does not require any changes to your shop website. You simply provide us with your products – plus with updates later on, so that we can keep your products in our database up-to-date. To export your products, you can use various formats, e.g., CSV, JSON, or XML.

Seamless Experience

For every content on websites and blogs, our widget finds matching products, whether exactly corresponding items or very similar ones. In this way, users benefit from a seamless brand experience – and find the direct way from the websites to your shop.

Fault-free Operation

Addwalk works independently of the traffic on the websites of the publishers and influencers – and also of the availability of our database. The widget thus reliably forwards users to your shop even when one of the sites is experiencing a performance peak.

Live Statistics

You are always able to track the performance of the widgets linked to your fashion items via your admin account. Here, you can check which of your products have been clicked on by website users, for example, or how their conversion rate is developing. 

No Additional Costs

You will be charged neither costs for the integration of Addwalk on websites nor running costs for using the widget. Payment is done per click of per sale (when appropriate, also per thousand-contact-price, TCP), part of which goes to the publishers and influencers.

Our Technology at a Glance


Addwalk has a high click rate, thanks to its unobtrusive design, valuable matches, and inspiring proposals.


We continually improve our database so that Addwalk finds even better matches for your fashion items.


The live statistics in your account allow you to track your strategy’s effectiveness and adapt it if needed.


The Addwalk infrastructure is automatically scalable and thus able to cope with high traffic on websites.


To provide us with your products, you can use various export formats, among them CSV, JSON, or XML.


Addwalk functions perfectly also on mobile devices, thus expanding your communication with target groups.

It’s as Easy as That

1) You request a demo account.
2) We will contact you as soon as possible and, generally directly, create your Addwalk user account.
3) You tell us which contents or websites you would like to link your shop to.
4) We implement your wishes.