The Visual
Affiliate Network

The automatic Product Recommendation System for your wine opener

For Influencers

Do you have a blog or social media feed? Then link it with shopping inspiration! ADDWALK suggests fashion items for your visual content.

For Publishers

Do you have images or videos on your website? Then monetize them, in just a couple of clicks! Addwalk is suitable for text articles as well as image galleries.

For Advertiser

Do you have a fashion online shop? Then gain new customers! Addwalk presents your products in context, with a high reach and rate of interaction.

The innovative Solution
to boost your revenues

Addwalk is a visual affiliate network. Our widget connects your
magazine, website, or app with a “shop the look” feeling.

Views per Month

The Product

Visual Content Commerce:  Addwalk is a widget which links the visual content on websites with products from online shops. This benefits both sides: The websites generate revenues of their images and videos, which otherwise remain unused – the shops are given a platform for their products, attracting new customers.
Addwalk consists of a widget with image recognition technology. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the tool recognizes fashion items in visual content and automatically links them with corresponding products of the shops stored in our database. They are then suggested for purchase to viewers, who can click on the suggestion and are thus directly taken to the respective shop. Addwalk – easy-to-use, unobtrusive, and interactive.



Addwalk recognizes fashion items in images and finds matching products in shops.


The widget supports all major video platforms and HTML5 video embedding.

Banner Advertising

We offer standard widget formats and provide them with contextual relevance.


You can follow your widget’s performance by means of live statistics.