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“Your Style, Your Inspiration, Your Gain”

Enrich and Monetize Your Content

Addwalk matches outfits shown on your social media channel with real fashion items and suggests them to visitors. Inspire your community and benefit of it!

How does it work? Addwalk is a widget that automatically recognizes fashion items in images as well as videos. Having detected an item, the tool connects it with a matching product of one of the shops stored in our database – and recommends it to your followers for purchase.

How do you benefit? Today, it is not just about information anymore but about experiences and emotional appeals. This is just what Addwalk offers: The widget adds a “shop the look” feature to your online presence, adding to the latter’s value for your followers. At the same time, you underline your personal style – and get a credit for every click on your widget.

What do we offer? An easy-to-use technology, which emotionally appeals to users while being unobtrusive – and therefore enjoys a high rate of interaction. Addwalk is perfect for use on blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Your Benefits

Why choose ADDWALK?

Matching Style

Our database contains about 7,000,000 products of 2,000 online shops in 5 countries. So for every fashion item shown on your images and videos, Addwalk finds a matching product – namely, just the right one: a product of precisely those shops and brands that match your style.

Undisturbed Experience

No worries: Our widget does not bother your website visitors! Addwalk is not a static and often troublesome standard advertising format as, e.g., a banner. Instead, it appears as a small and unobtrusive “plus” icon above images and videos, harmonically embedded in your content.

Interactive Inspiration

Through our widget, your visual content is linked with product recommendations which are shown to your followers. In this way, you do not merely inform website visitors followers but offer an added value which inspires them – and which they can directly follow up.

Many Clicks

Compared to other advertising formats, the rate of interaction with Addwalk is above average: 5 of 100 site visitors click on the icon. This benefits both your community, which is inspired with fashion suggestions, and you: For every click, you receive a credit.

Perfect Match

We offer you the perfect match – in a double sense. For your Internet presence and your target group, we are sure to find just the right match with the online shops in our database. And for your visual contents, Addwalk will find very similar or even exactly matching products.

Individual Suggestions

The recommended articles can be generated automatically or else specified by you. Thus, either Addwalk independently provides visitors with product suggestions that match your contents– or you yourself define certain fashion items which you want the tool to suggest.

Customized Design

For Addwalk to meet your requirements, we offer you different widget types, which you can customize further. Thus, the admin account allows you to adapt the widget’s color, size, and position. You are also able to limit the product matches, e.g., by defining a price spectrum.

Simple Integration

Whether in terms of integration, use, or optimization: Addwalk does not require any IT experts. You simply embed the widget as a JS snippet in your website. If desired, help yourself with marketing tools: Addwalk is compatible with, e.g., Google’s “DoubleClick” or “Tag Manager”.

Automated Technology

Addwalk functions fully automatically, so all you need to do is to integrate the widget into your blog or stream – that’s it! Independently, the widget then detects fashion products in your visual content, links them with shop items in our database, and suggests them to viewers.

Fault-free Performance

Even in the case of particularly high traffic on your social media stream or blog, Addwalk functions without faults. This being said, the widget does not influence the performance of your online presence – even in the unlikely case that our database is not fully available.

Monthly Credit

Once per month, we calculate the clicks on your widget, the credit being invoiced automatically to your Addwalk account. PS: The latter also provides you with live statistics which make it easy to track your widget’s performance.

Continued Support

We will be happy to support you in integrating, using, and optimizing Addwalk. Our aim is to get the best out of our service, namely, together with our customers. For this, we also continually improve our database to achieve even better fashion matches for your content.

Our Technology at a Glance


The widget is embedded as a JS snippet into your Internet presence, if desired via marketing tools.


Addwalk delivers high-quality product matches and is unobtrusive, therefore its excellent click rate.


You can use Addwalk in addition to classical advertising as the widget is positioned above your content.


The technical infrastructure is scaled automatically, operating faultlessly even in the case of strong traffic.


The admin panel allows you to customize your widget, for example, the tool’s size and position.


On mobile devices, too, Addwalk works without problems. Users thus do not experience any restrictions.

It’s as Easy as That

1) You request a non-binding demo account.
2) We contact you and create an Addwalk user account for you.
3) You tell us your ideas about the widget, e.g., its look and position on your website.
4) According to your wishes, we create the tool for you.
5) You embed the widget in your blog or stream – and can always ask us for help.